1. Skin to be treated should first be carefully greased with something like marigold or calendula ointment so that there will be no irritation or burns to the skin from using Swedish Bitters.
  2. Soak a cotton ball in Swedish Bitter and apply it to the area that needs a treatment. Dispose of used cotton piece after each application, to avoid the contamination.
  3. The cotton ball soaked in Swedish Bitters can be left applied on the treated skin area for 2-4 hours by securing it with a gauze bandage over the wound depending on the symptoms, or even for all night. After removing the cotton ball, let the skin air dry. If your skin is very sensitive and gets easily irritated, leave cotton ball on the treated area of the skin for a shorter period of time. DO NOT forget to apply ointment to the skin.
  4. You can also use Swedish Bitters to reduce all types of inflammations by applying Swedish Bitters mixture to the affected areas.
  5. If you are suffering from a sinus infection, apply and rub Swedish Bitters onto your forehead and over the bridge of your nose several times a day. The essential oils used in the mix will help to kill the bacteria causing the infection; Swedish Bitters mix also helps to thin the mucus clogging the sinuses and promotes drainage of the sinuses.
  6. If you have hemorrhoids, apply diluted Swedish Bitters several times a day to the affected area. Before bedtime, soak a cotton ball in a diluted Swedish Bitters Mix with water and secure it to the affected area.
  7. If you suffer from tonsillitis, use the Swedish Bitters to fight the tonsils infections. Mix 1 teaspoon of Swedish Bitters elixir with warm water and gargle with a mix twice a day.

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